Application Form

To participate in school touring program Listaleypurin – Faroe Islands

Name of the person who represent the group and who will communicate with Listaleypurin throughout the process.
Bank details - name of bank, sort code and account number
Játtaður stuðul verður goldin sum a-inntøka ella móti rokning við v-tali. Verða skúlavitjanirnar ikki gjøgnumførdar, verður stuðulin afturkravdur
(No more then 70 words) To be used in the program and which gives an insight into what the pupils will experience and learn during your visit.
(no more then 400 words) The selection jury will look for both the artictic quality and how the artistic experience will have an impact on the pupils in an school setting.
To be used for promotion
Music, dance, film, theatre, visual arts, literature, illustrations, landscape art, design, paintings, animation etc.
For performances only
For workshops and longer projects only
PLease state which week/s between October and April you are able to tour
Year group *
Choose one or more
Please let us know the minimum and maximum number of pupils you wish in every performance or workshop
Please list all requirements for preperation time, space, light, technical requirement and others. As it is very important to give the schools a clear idea if they are able to host your visit and meet your requirements.
Please keep in mind that you will visit different schools which will have different settings and sometimes limited space and equipment.available
Please state if you have any technical requirements
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The applicant will not be required to provide a budget. Each artist/group will be offered a fee between 20.000 - 60.000 DKK. No other payments will be made from Listaleypurin. An official offer letter will be proveded and can be used to raise further funding for the artist/group.