About Listaleypurin

Listaleypurin is a school touring program, which aims to offer primary school pupils all over the Faroe Islands a rich selection of artistic experiences in their school environment.

A selection committee formed by artist and teachers will choose a selection of projects which will tour around schools in the Faroe Islands between Oct-April. A yearly open call for artists with a deadline on April 15th each year. The online application form is available on our website from 1st of March.

Who can apply?

Listaleypurin welcomes applications from all artist and aims to represent all art genres.

Which touring program?

Listaleypurin currently has two different touring programs running.

1 week touring program - the artist or group visits 5 different schools in 1 week with a performance and/or short workshop.

4 week touring program - the artist or group visits 4 different schools with a 4 day workshop in each school.


The selection commitee allocates a gross fee between 30.000-50.000 DKK for each artist or group.

For more information about Listaleypurin, please contact project coordinator Rannvá Káradóttir on listaleypurin@listaleypurin.fo , phone. +298 210125.


The application form will be open for applicants on March 1st 2019. Deadline for applications is april 15th of April 2019.